Chilling True Crime Sites Every Murderino Should Visit (Part 2)

Chilling True Crime Sites Every Murderino Should Visit (Part 2)

As a murderino myself, I don’t find it weird to be fascinated – to the point of being even obsessed – true crime cases.

But, what if you could travel to experience and actually live your slightly morbid obsession?

#1. Lizzie Borden House – Massachusetts

Lizzie Borden House – Massachusetts

Lizzie Borden took an ax and proceeded to give her stepmother forty whacks…”

Situated on a rocky hill in the city of Fall River, found in Massachusetts, the Lizzie Borden House is not your ordinary house. As the sole living witness to one of the most gruesome and tragic murder cases in the United States, the house is a place of tears, fright and fears.

Initially, it used to belong to the Borden family – that was made up of Andrew Borden, his wife, Abby Borden and their two daughters Emma and Lizzie Borden. But, it was only after 4 August 1892 that the house earned its place in the list of ghastly true crime landmarks in America. 

On that day, an unforeseen tragedy struck the family.

The outcome? The father was found murdered by a hatchet in the living room while the stepmother was butchered in the guest room.

As usual, an investigation was carried out and pieces of evidence were collected, eventually leading to an entangling twist in the story.

Lizzie Borden was suspected and tried.

Imagine it: a daughter was suspected of murdering her parents with an ax.

Maybe it’ll surprise or disgust you more you are given some explicit details, describing the brutal acts:

Abby Borden was struck multiple times, receiving more than 17 direct ax hits to the back of her head. While for Andrew Borden, he was discovered slumped on the living room couch, with one of his eyeballs split cleanly into two and open-bleeding wounds.”

After a though investigation, the murder weapon – the famous hatchet with a broken handle – was found in the house’s basement.

However, call it lack of strong evidence or the incompetency of the investigation team, back then, neither the murder weapon nor any eyewitnesses could have proved that Lizzie Borden was the one behind these vile acts.

Some claim that the hatred she had for her stepmother was what triggered the 40 hacks she gave to her.

But what can explain the brutality against her father?

One theory formulated was based on her extremely cold and distant relationship with her father, which worsened when he beheaded the precious pigeons that gave company to Lizzie.

Today, the same Borden’s house is owned by Martha McGinn and the latter runs it as bed and breakfast.

And, according to her, out of all the rooms, the place where Abby Borden was murdered is the most requested room by visitors.

Make room for some side stories just for the fun of it: When a self-proclaimed “medium” and a paranormal scientist dared to step into the house, their claims of ghostly events encouraged and motivated more crime-obsessed fans to visit the place.

Here are some testimonies that were reported:

I was occasionally touched by an unseen force…I heard some weird whispers and children laughing at night…I saw some sharp shadows looming around the room…I always felt as if someone was watching me from behind….”

What’s further interesting is how many guests claimed that the spirits in the house could be bribed to leave them alone. For instance, place a few coins on the bedroom desk of Andrew Borden and you could appease his disturbing soul.

If you are more than curious about this unsolved crime case, why don’t you take a short trip to the Lizzie Borden House? And if you are daring enough, I challenge you to even sleep in the room where Abbey Borden was cut down with an ax.

#2. The Englewood Post Office – Tennessee

The Englewood Post Office – Tennessee

Wondering what’s so special about this post office?

Just three words: Henry Mansfield Howard!

I’m sure a true crime fan would have recognized this name almost anywhere and anytime.

He’s like the Leonardo Di Caprio of the serial killer world.

Much more than his blood-chilling murders, it’s his confession that can give you goosebumps.

I was born with the devil in me.”

What other way to declare your innocence and to put the blame on a too-powerful internal force than to say the devil made me do it.

Coming back to the post office, you’d be surprised to learn that decades ago the place used to hold the title of “The Murder Castle.”

Ok, guys, just one piece of advice before you jump on that plane: “stay calm, enjoy your gruesome visits, but don’t get murdered.”

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