The Funniest, Cringiest and Most Embarrassing Travel Stories (Part 1)

The Funniest, Cringiest and Most Embarrassing Travel Stories (Part 1)

 While traveling, we all need some fun and laughter. So, to cheer you up, here are some funny travel I’d like to share with you. I really hope you enjoy them!

A Very Unpleasant Night With Bob Marley

A Very Unpleasant Night With Bob Marley

From Daniela

On our trip to Morocco in 2015, my husband and I spent a couple of days in the Sahara Desert as part of a tour group.

I was super excited to ride a camel for the first time and spend a night in a Bedouin tent in the desert. Little did I know that I was about to experience the longest and most unpleasant night of my life.

Our camel ride started with me hanging upside down from the saddle with one foot in the air. My camel, Bob Marley, had decided to stand up before I could settle into the saddle.

I held onto the saddle for dear life as our Bedouin guide pushed me up onto the camel’s back. Bob Marley let out a grunt of disapproval, and we rode off. I thought I was in for a bumpy ride; but save for the fact that the camel in front of me, named after Jimi Hendrix, was having a bad case of gas, it turned out to be a very pleasant journey.

After dinner and some impromptu drumming around a bonfire, my husband and I retreated to our tent for a good night’s sleep. Our bed was just a mattress on the carpeted ground.

Despite cocooning myself in a couple of thick blankets, I was shaking from head to toe. My husband fell asleep straight away, and so did the other people in our group — judging by the cacophony of snores that filled the air.

Two hours later, I was still wide awake — and freezing cold.

Thankfully, the snoring started to subside and I gradually drifted into dreamland, only to be jolted out of my sleep by a very loud and unusual noise. It sounded like a bellow and was followed by a very awful smell.

I tried to go back to sleep, but someone or something started to chew loudly. And then another groan, another unpleasant smell, and more loud chewing. This went on for at least another two hours.

After what felt like a never-ending night, I checked the time. To my delight, it was time to get up to watch the sunrise. I stumbled out of our tent, grabbed a glass of freshly-brewed mint tea, and dragged my sleepy body out of the Bedouin camp.

There, stationed just outside the tent where my husband and I had spent the night, was Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and the entire caravan. Bob Marley made direct eye contact with me, and I could swear I spotted a smug grin on his face.”

An Aggressive Nun

An Aggressive Nun


From Carly:

“As an atheist who has travelled to sixty-five countries, I’ve always taken pride in respecting local religions (even if I disagree with them) and erring on the side of being overly conservative when I visit places of worship.

When I was travelling in Armenia I made a special detour to Tatev, a monastery built at the edge of a cliff, at the end of a long aerial tramway.

I made sure to dress very conservatively that day, with my legs fully covered in loose pants, a loose top with long sleeves and a scarf covering my head. I kept my camera and phone safely inside my purse, as per the posted rules and, to respect the actual worshippers, I stayed towards the back of the monastery, sitting silently, even as other groups of local tourists snapped photos with flashes, wore miniskirts and generally caused a ruckus. 

So, imagine my surprise when a nun walked past me and gave me a firm slap on the arm! 

This was no gentle tap – the nun full-on smacked me, then stood there staring. I tugged at the scarf over my head, thinking maybe some of my hair had slipped loose. It hadn’t. I looked at the bench I’d sat on, thinking maybe I’d missed a sign saying it was off-limits. It wasn’t.

The nun smacked me again, harder this time, and on the leg. Eventually, I realized that my offence had been my crossed legs.”


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